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Thermaltake Toughpower CableManagement 1200W Power Supply Review - Introduction

Thermaltake Toughpower CableManagement 1200W Power Supply

Thermaltake Toughpower CableManagement 1200W Power Supply


Power Supply


Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.

Provided by:

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd.




Axel Brown

Review date:

June 20, 2007


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There are few 1200W power supplies available for consumer today, and one of them is Thermaltake Toughpower CableManagement 1200W power supply.
Thermaltake is very well known company because of their thermal solutions. For the past few years Thermaltake stepped into the power supply market, and the latest Toughpower models brought a big success for the company!

Previously, I reviewed the ePower EP-1200P10-T2 1200W Tiger Series Power Supply, which performed very well. Today, I'm excited to have an opportunity to review the latest addition to the 1200W power supply family provided by Thermaltake.

Company profile: "Founded in 1999, Thermaltake Technology is the world leader in the supply of thermal management cooling solutions, high-end power supply and chassis for desktop PC and industrial application systems.
As a leader in Thermal Management, Thermaltake is the trusted supplier to many computer manufacturers providing Intel Validated and AMD Approved CPU coolers for today's high frequency and mainstream CPUs."


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